Baja Junkie "Transformed"


Cabo Pimp N' Ho® will "transform" Baja Junkie for this event, installing a huge curtain over the entire open-air facade of the club, blocking the public from seeing into the nightclub during the event.

Established as the premier celebrity hangout and place to be seen, Baja Junkie Ultra Bar offers a unique and enjoyable experience. Its funky-modern design appeals to the most discerning nightlife enthusiast which has lead to many Baja junkie accolades including Cabo’s “Best DJ”,“Best Ladies Night”, “Best New Nightclub” and the honor of one of the “World’s Finest Clubs.”

The appeal of Baja Junkie as an international hotspot has earned it acclaim in luxury publications as well as several cameos in music videos and many reality shows.


+52 1 624 121 5554

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